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Enhancing Sports Performance through Acupuncture

Sports teams use Chinese medicine to heal sprains, strains, muscle pulls and ligament tears. Olympic teams, including the U.S., are using it to get athletes back into the swing of things quicker AND to enhance sports performance.

Injury may occur as we push ourselves beyond our limits. In our fast-paced lifestyle, we frequently don’t have the time or the patience to allow ourselves to heal completely. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can help the athlete recover more quickly by increasing the circulation of the body’s energy and blood, and by encouraging your body to do what it does naturally; heal itself. By using acupuncture and, if indicated, herbal therapy, the athlete should recover faster and with less pain.

Sports MedicineAs an athlete, you may experience sprain, strain, repetitive stress injuries, physical trauma, overexertion, overtraining, or emotional stress. All of these can be helped by improving the circulation of qi throughout the body. Chinese herbal therapy may also be recommended. External herbal therapy is applied directly on the injured tissue to promote circulation and therefore the healing of the injury. Internal herbal therapy may be recommended to address constitutional imbalances that may be either aggravating or slowing the healing of your injuries.

Chinese Medicine works well in conjunction with other therapies; an athlete need not choose between acupuncture and other therapies. It can be used in conjunction with massage therapy, personal training, and chiropractic. Progressively-minded Physical Therapists are finding that their patients PT regimens often go better when acupuncture is used adjunctively. Chinese Medicine can be a very useful addition to any athlete’s health care team.

Chinese medicine has many tools to help prevent injuries and the recurrence of injuries. Through acupuncture, nutrition, herbal support, and proper preparation and training, injuries can be minimized or avoided. Oriental medicine is also helpful in treating old injuries that sideline your work and play in later years. Regular treatment helps your body stay in balance. A body in balance is less susceptible to injury and illness.

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